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  • 23 Dec 2022
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Mutual Fund
Out of many classes of investment, Mutual Fund investment is considered one of the best avenues to kick starts the savings at the early age.

Here are 10 reasons:-

  • Mutual Fund investment does not require expertise to learn about individual stocks, their Behaviors, Industry Policy and the Global Economy. An advisor could guide to pick up the right one at that point of time of life.
  • Mutual Fund investment could be started with as low an investment says Rs.500.
  • Mutual Fund primarily invests in stocks and over long term, equity investment outpaces inflation and returns more than any other form of investment.
  • Online platform has made investment simpler.
  • Goal based investment possible. Child education, marriage, purchase of car, and retirement or any other goals over a period of time could be planned through a Systematic Investment Planning.
  • SWP enables a safe withdrawal for consumption and allowing remaining and left over funds to grow. Tax exemption on ELSS (Equity Linked Services Scheme) is attractive and majority of the time compares well with other tax savings product.
  • Mutual Fund return is one of the best passive income tools like rent and easy to get financial freedom in the long run.
  • Choices of risky free funds like debt fund / liquid fund available for risk averse investors.
  • Even Rs. 500/- investment will make a participant in economy of country. Satisfaction is important (Indirect support for industrial growth).
  • Liquidity is very important, because Mutual Fund (like SB, Bank FD) is easy to withdraw. A land is difficult to sale in short term whereas a Mutual Fund can be exited in full or partially in few working days.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, please read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.