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The Ideaguru Startup Support Foundation emerges from the vast experience of its Managing Trustee in coaching small industrial and agri-food projects. With years of experience guiding small businesses and agricultural ventures, we understand the challenges aspiring founders face.
We provide comprehensive guidance encompassing government support, banking assistance, regulatory approvals, marketing strategies, and scaling up techniques.
Through personalized mentoring, we assist individuals, companies, and farmer producer organizations in understanding their business models and leveraging their inherent strengths. Our dedicated team of retired and seasoned domain experts ensures continuous support in this journey towards entrepreneurial success.

  • Professional and experienced human resources.
  • Provide the best roof services
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We are a team of ex bankers and professionals to support and mentor your financial solutions for the growth of your business.The main activity is preparing project reports, business plan, debt finance co-ordination, loan against property, project finance solutions, CMA data preparation in Coimbatore. The project will be conceived with all the incentive provided by Government.


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We have more than 10 years of experiences
We use professional and experienced person
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Explore our success stories through compelling case studies. Witness how businesses, like yours, achieved remarkable results with our innovative solutions. From overcoming challenges to achieving growth milestones, our case studies provide valuable insights and inspiration. Join the journey of success with our proven strategies and transformative impact.

  • 70% Statistic & Analytic
  • 90% Audit Preparation
  • 87% Management Consulting

Our FAQs


Yes, the Ideaguru Startup Support Foundation is a charitable trust dedicated to supporting your entrepreneurial journey.

Absolutely! You can conveniently upload your documents online to initiate the process.

We primarily support startups in agriculture, micro-enterprises, and the food industry, but we welcome ventures from diverse sectors.

After registration, we offer personalized end-to-end solutions, including assistance with entity formation, preparation of detailed project reports, and continuous guidance for sustainable growth.